Handmade Suncatcher Windchimes – 15-05-2020

All our Agate Shapes Chimes are finally uploaded now available to order directly from our Website

Our Handmade Suncatcher Windchimes

Each Windchime features:

• Three (3) Natural Agate Slices per chime
• Gemstone Chip Beads
• Faceted Glass Suncatcher Crystal Beads
• Strung on 30lb fishing line
• Through a lovely wooden ring

They cast beautiful little rainbows every where when the sun shines on them and sing a lovely melody as the wind blows.

Purchase direct from our website at https://mystical-spirit.com/product-category/giftware/agate-chimes/

Please note some Agate Slices are enhanced with dyes and may fade back to their natural colour over time.