Healing by Ailment

People who believe in the meaning of healing stones may carry crystals and stones around with them for healing protection and grounding. They will often put crystals around their living space or office that are meant to neutralise negative energy.

The theory behind healing gemstones and crystals is that everything holds a vibrational frequency and because of this, healing gem stones may positively affect our energetic frequency. Although there is no scientific evidence that supports the healing power of stones, healers and mystics claim that our subtle energy bodies are affected.

Crystals or gemstones may be placed on your body, on areas that you want healed, or they can also be placed at any of the seven chakra points, or held in the healer’s hand or in your hand.

Different coloured stones, called chakra healing stones, may correspond with the different chakra colours located within your energetic body. In many healing disciplines, healing practitioners recognise that there are seven main energy centres located within our human bodies; each of these energy centres corresponds to a colour.

The healing pages presented here organise ailments into alphabetic order and list gemstones that are said to assist in the treatment of that ailment.