The Bird Sitter DVD

Some footage from the Bird Sitter DVD

About the Bird Sitter DVD's from the makers:

Your parrot never has to be home alone again!

The Bird Sitter supplies a Virtual Flock complete with parrot role models for the parrots in your home.

Our goal in producing the Bird Sitter was to create the opportunity for your parrots to experience life the way they were meant to. The Bird Sitter exposes your bird to the sights and sounds of hundreds of parrots engaging in everyday life in a flock. It will give your bird constant mental stimulus making him happier and healthier.

It’s a “Sesame Street” experience for Parrots! A daily dose of the Bird Sitter is like giving your bird a Self-Esteem Vitamin!

A parrot with high self-esteem will be a better pet!
Your parrot has no one to talk to and this Video/DVD is in a language any parrot can understand. Birds normally are frequently communicating with the flock because they are constantly socializing and looking for predators. Just think about all the bird chatter you can constantly hear in your backyard. Birds’ brains are designed for constant communication; something humans are not able to supply.

We all understand the use it or lose it concept. The more hours your pet’s brain is exposed to The Bird Sitter, the more comfortable he will be. Whenever you leave the house, just put the Video/DVD on continuous play and you will create an environment where your parrot can thrive.

Leaving the TV on for your bird is no substitute for The Bird Sitter. TV programming to a parrot is similar to a person watching a foreign language film without subtitles.

Parrots are born with an incredible homing instinct. Unfortunately, accidentally escaped parrots have nothing to home in on since most do not know what the outside of their home and neighborhood looks like. A parrot that recognizes the sounds of his virtual flock will more easily find his way home. Just play the audio outside and the high frequency sounds will travel further than your voice and provide a beacon for your pet.



  • The Bird Sitter Video/DVD is filled with Extras!
  • Introduction
  • Viewing Tips
  • “Bird Sitter” continuous loop
  • 5 bonus music sound tracks
  • “Lots of Babies”