Our Specimen and Gemstone Boxes – 13th May 2023

As we have our first Gem Show for the year coming up soon we are getting ready by cleaning and reorganising our gemstone boxes so we thought we’d share what’s inside.

Overseas Specimens

Chatoyant Velvet Malachite, Fluorite Octahedrons, Purple Fluorite, Botryoidal Yellow Fluorite on Amethyst and Chalcedony
Pink Danburite, Kyanite with Fuchsite, Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite, Quartz Cluster with Gold Rutile and Hematite, Botryoidal Hematite, Sphalerite on Quartz
Epidote in Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Epidote, Aragonite, Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite
Rosasite, Dolomite and Selenite, Rosasite, Aurichalcite, Black Tourmaline, Cornetite, Amethyst and Cacoxenite, Pink Tourmaline in Quartz, Tourmaline in Smokey Quartz with Naturolite, Elestial Quartz with Green Tourmaline
Anhydride, Fulgerite, Hex Ruby, Ruby Corundum, Emerald, Triphane (Yellow Kunzite), Kunzite, Blue Barite, Botryoidal Brown Calcite
Prehnite and Apophyllite, Gyrolite and Okenite, Apophyllite, Dogs-tooth Calcite with Orpiment and Realgar, Golden Apatite on Matrix, Stilbite
Sterling Silver Jewellery Findings – Pendant Enhancer Clips, Huggie Earrings.
Velvet Malachite, Clear Danburite, Golden Apatite, Imperial Topaz, Black Coral

Australian Specimens

Green Garnet from Mt Garnet QLD, Erythrite from Broken Hill Region, Rutile, Copper, Fluorite and Tourmaline from Cloncurry Region QLD
White Rock Quarry Quartz SA, Chalcedony Capella QLD and Chrysocolla from Cloncurry Region QLD
Calcite from Cloncurry Region QLD, Tambar Springs QLD & Iron Knob SA, Gypsum/Selenite from Lake Giles and Lake Sinclair SA, Chalcedony Capella QLD, Garnet Cloncurry Region QLD, Epidote Mt Isa QLD, Galena Broken Hill NSW & Lawn Hill QLD, Magnetite Flinders Range SA & Harts Range NT.
Citrine Agate Creek QLD, Chrysoprase Marlborough QLD, Petrified Wood Chinchilla QLD

Rough Gemstones

Rainbow Moonstone, and Ruby in Zoisite
Rainbow Fluorite (Blue, Green, Purple), Labradorite (some with Hypersthene)
Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla (Peru), Green Aventurine, Amethyst, 1 x Ametrine, Mookaite, Bloodstone, 1 x Amazonite, Beryl – Aquamarine,
Gold Tiger Eye, Dragonstone, Fuchsite. Poppy Jasper
Moss Agate, Botswana Agate, Tree Agate, Carnelian
Unakite and Sodalite
White Howlite and Gold Sheen Obsidian

Mini Flatstones, Flatstones, Tumbled Stones, Mini Tumbled Stone Bags

Mini Flatstones
Mini Flatstones
Mini Flatstones
Mini Flatstones
Tumbled Stones
Mini Tumbled Stone Bags
Mini Tumbled Stone Bags
Mini & Small Tumbled Stone Bags

Diamond Core Drill Bits, Faceting Rough Gemstones

Diamond Core Drill Bits, Opal Cabochon, Faceted Harts Range Garnet
Faceting Rough: Labradorite (Hogarth Range, NSW), Garnet (Harts Range, NT), Citrine (Brazil)


Limited Edition Celtic Pendants
Hand carved from Buffalo Bone and set with Faceted Gems.
Mystical-Charms: Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendants – Clear Quartz, Green Kyanite, Australian Labradorite, Blue Green Kyanite, Sodalite, Sardonyx
Sterling Silver Pendants – Fluorite, Jade, Tiger Eye, Charoite, Amazonite, Seraphinite.
Dragonfly Necklace – Silver Plated Dragonfly. Beads and Clasp, Freshwater Pearls, Glass Beads (available in Green, Blue & Purple)

For More Information

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